Stygian Depths exclusively play only Jackson, Gibson, Yamaha and Fisher Price guitars, basses, theremins, mandolins, lutes, mandolutes, ouds, bouzukis, zithers, ukuleles, cuatros, cavaquinhos, dulcimers, glockenspiels, and alligator xylophones made of living dead black ent slain by Balrog broadswords in the Great Siege of Minas Morgul with wargwood fretboards with mother-of-winged unicorn dragon tooth inlays and frets and hardware of melted down mithril undergarments looted from Galadriel’s boudoir at the stroke of midnight by wraith ryders and forged by orc slaves in the Mines of Mordor and tempered with the tears of tortured baby wood elves to create tone that not only melts the faces of our fans, but chars their skulls and boils their brains... We love you motherfuckerz!!! Keep buying our shit and going to our shows!!!